by Kunal on Dr Ashish Bhanot
Best doctor for piles treatment

Dr. Ashish Bhanot is the best doctor for Piles treatment. He listens to every problem very carefully and gives the best solution to his patients. He made my treatment very simple and comfortable and gave me the treatment as assured by him. The hospital staff was also very supportive and humble.


by Aashish Verma on Dr Ashish Bhanot
Best Doctor For Hernia Treatment

I was suffering from Hernia so badly that I wanted to have a quick solution. I searched online and found Dr. Ashish Bhanot. He is really a great doctor. When I met him he assured me for the best treatment. He is very humble and listens to your problem with patience. He has very down to earth behavior.


by Swati Saini on Dr Ashish Bhanot
Highly Recommended

I was always afraid of surgeries. But what to do if surgeries are the only solution? Anyhow, I agreed to piles treatment and started looking for an expert. Thank God, I found the right place and specialist for it. I convey heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ashish Bhanot for his knack in surgeries. As I was in the right hands, so, I didn't feel strained during my treatment. Finally, I got relieved from unbearable pain and can say it with confidence that Dr. Ashish Bhanot is inevitably the best doctor for piles treatment.


by Kapil Gupta on Dr Ashish Bhanot
Amazing Doctor

I had recommended my friend to Dr. Ashish Bhanot for a mole removal treatment. He went for the first consultation and was very much assured that he will get the desired results. After the treatment the result was amazing and the mole on his face is completely removed without any scars or pain.


by Anna Wayne on Dr Ashish Bhanot
Great Doctor With Brilliant Staff

Dr. Ashish is simply the best. I was struggling with fissure and piles problem and he diagnosed it instantly.  I got treatment from him & relieved very fast. Moreover, he is a very kind and supportive Person. I strongly recommend Dr. Ashish Bhanot for Piles and fissure related problems.


by Aniket on Dr Ashish Bhanot
Brilliant Doctor

Hey, friends today I am going to share my personal experience with Dr. Ashish Bhanot. As we all know that Doctor is a synonym of God who saves our life. Last year I was in severe pain but he treated me and gave new birth to me. I can proudly say that he is the only reason why I'm with you. He is not only a good doctor but also a life savior. Thanks a ton, Dr. Ashish.

by Palak on Dr Ashish Bhanot

Dr. Ashish Bhanot is one of the best doctors in Delhi. The main advantage with him is his confidence level, pleasing words and empathy towards us that automatically increase the confidence level of the patients. He makes us feel that we have landed in the safest zone. Attitude and work ethics make one person and he is made out of it. The stay in that hospital will make us feel that we have been in our home. Honestly, very neat and clean atmosphere.

by Smith Andarson on Dr Ashish Bhanot
Nice Doctor with great enthusiasm

He is a nice doctor with great enthusiasm for his work and duties. Last year I was suffering from Fissure, at that time one of my friends suggested me to get treatment from Dr. Ashish Bhanot. I went there and came up with successful surgery. Now I am perfectly alright and my fissure is cured properly. Plus, I am moving on with my daily work routine. Thanks to Dr. Ashish Bhanot for giving me a new life.

by Ganesh on Dr Ashish Bhanot
Compassionate Confident and Best doctor

Really a nyc doctor.

I need not look up other comments because I my self treated by Dr Asish Bhanot recently before couple of month ago. In deed his confident and motivate words increase, patients confidence level to cure from diseases.

I am a chemical Engineer working in Hongkong . Actually, I have been suffered with swelling around anus with pain and fever and difficult in passing stool . I visited university hospital in hong kong perianal Abscess treatment was performed in emergency in hong kong university hospital but wound was not healing well after more than 3 months of treatment and dressings so doctors told me to do MRI to rule out fistula MRI was very costly compared to india but I did and I was diagnosed as complex fistula doctors were referring me to another hospital or visit some hospital in germany but I decided to come back india and do treatment at Chennai my home town but three operations performed in chennai failed now I could understand why doctors were reluctant to take my case

I was willing to travel Germany Singapore for my treatment I sent my reports to both places but not recieved any satisfactory reply about possibility of cure

Fortunately, by the grace of god I had got information regarding Dr Ashish Bhanot. I sent my reports through email and after telephonic conversation appointment was fixed at new Delhi doctors clinic. He examined me gently there was no pain while checking .

I was surprised he had made exact diagram of disease without seeing my MRI, though doctor had not given any specific assurance but the way he examined me and explained to me the mechanism and plan of treatment I become hopeful that I will be cured of disease

I asked do I need to undergo more test he said no MRI from Chennai and Hong Kong will suffice if he need will do in between treatment to assess progress. treatment was planned in 4 to 5 stages with monthly visit to doctor

I did my first procedure and very next day I was able to sit and travel I stated getting comfortable from day one and went back to hong Kong for my job in next week started focusing my work and my boss also started admiring me again as I had gained a lot of confidence by Dr Bhanot words

I traveled India again after one month second procedure was performed as daycare doctor told me there are chances he will finish treatment in next procedure I was very happy to know that. I was able to travel to hong kong very next day and returned job on day 3 of procedure.

In 3rd procedure I was completely cured of disease I could not believe such complex thing could go so fast and such an easy way I am totally cured and now moved to USA for research work

I am really thankful to doctor and God

by Rachna on Dr Ashish Bhanot
Best and most Genuine Doctor

I landed in Delhi and the first doctor I met. He is an amazing doctor. I was suffering with sever problem but he made it so simple and comfortable that the operation went smoothly. The nurses and all the hospital staffs were very supportive. I really enjoyed my stay at the hospital.

My family and I couldn’t believe that I would get well so soon in just two weeks. A doctor with a very kind soul.

Thank you Dr. Ashish for all your support and care. When ever I will come to India I will surely meet you again.

I have not recorded my video will try to upload but one which has helped me a lot will share link of that

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