Needlescopic surgery

What is Needlescopic Surgery (Ultra-Minimally Invasive Surgery)?

Needlescopic surgery is a step beyond laparoscopic surgery. Incisions are so small (less than 3 millimeters) there is virtually no scarring and very little pain which can usually be relieved with an over the counter analgesic.

Surgeons perform needlescopic surgery by inserting narrow guide tubes into the small incisions and then passing tiny instruments through the tubes, while using a small television camera for guidance. Procedures previously done laparoscopically with larger incisions, which can now be performed with a needlescope, include diagnostic laparoscopy, gallbladder removal, appendectomy, Nissen fundoplication and the Heller myotomy.

Because the tools are so tiny, surgeons can access the abdominal cavity without having to make large incisions. The decreased size translates to less trauma to the abdominal wall and therefore less pain.