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by Gopal on Dr Ashish Bhanot, Best Surgeon Dr Ashish Bhanot
Thanks To Dr. Bhanot & Team

Dr. Bhanot did a fantastic job at removing some 200 lipomas on my arms and thighs in one day in November 2017. No stitches were done during the surgery and I am very satisfied with the results. The technique used for lipoma removal is excellent. The level of pain and discomfort post-surgery were relatively moderate.
Even though some of the lipomas were around 3-4cm big I have very small scars of no more than 3mm. The scars are slowly fading away when I'm using the prescribed gel. I love my new lipoma-free arms and legs.
I am not from India and traveled to Delhi especially for this treatment. Dr. Bhanot is a great surgeon, very caring and gentle. I feel very fortunate that I fell in the right hands. Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Bhanot & Team.

by Anshuman Sharma on Dr Ashish Bhanot, Best Surgeon Dr Ashish Bhanot
Dr. Bhanot Did A Fantastic Job

Just like everyone here has said, he is a great person and a great surgeon. I got my surgery done and got relief from day 1, now after a month, I am as good as earlier. Thumps up and thanx for being so patient and for the treatment.

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